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Engineering Department


Excellence, quality, creativity and leadership in the field of engineering sciences and their applications.


Preparing and graduating distinguished engineers and providing high quality educational programmes and concerned with the future changes facing engineers.


  • Supporting and improving the university’s capability to ensure work as one integrated system that provides the best quality engineering and professional education.
  • Developing academic standards for engineering educational programmes in line with the nature of the global trend and achieving skills required by the future global labor market.
  • Continuous improvement and development of the educational environment in order to achieve creativity and raise the quality and efficiency of the teaching and learning process.
  • Focusing on scientific research, raising its efficiency and developing its resources, so that the strategy of scientific research is to serve the community and meet its needs.
  • Attracting distinguished talents at the international level to be among the faculty members and the administrative and technical staff.
  • Educational collaborative links and partnership agreements with well-known and reputable universities and institutions that have similar engineering specialisations.