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Prof. Amal Babiker Mohamed Ibrahim

Lecturer / Sudan
Personal information

·     Name : Amal Babiker Mohamed Ibrahim

Nationality: Sudanese


Contact Information:
  ·      Address:

Sudan University of Science and Technology

UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology

Khartoum / Sudan

·      Mobile No.: +2499122475596

·      E-mail:

·      Web: board amal babiker

  Bachelor Degree: in 1990, First Class, College of Physical Education & Sports, Sudan University of Science & Technology

Higher Diploma Degree: in 1994, First  Class, University of Khartoum

Master Degree: in 1997, University of Khartoum

PhD. Degree: in 2001, University of Khartoum

Teaching Experience:  

–       Professor of sport management in a number of Sudanese and regional universities.

–       Teaching theoretical subjects such as; Strategic planning in sports, Sports ethics, and Quality applications in sports firm.

–       Practical subjects such as; Ladies rhythmic, artistic exercises, rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics, kinetic expression, swimming.


–       Teaching Master students at the Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Professional Experience:  
  –       Professor, 2015.

–       Associate Professor, 2009.

–       Assistant Professor, 2002.

–       Lecturer, 1994.

–       Teaching Assistant, 1993.

  –       18 PhD degree students.

–       8 Master degree Students.

–       20 Graduation Projects.

Administrative Experience:  
  –       President of UNISCO chair at Sudan University of Science & Technology, 2019

–       Head of the Department of Sports Management, 2007 – 2012.

–       Head of the Department of Training and Teaching Methods, 2004-2006.



– Program Director, Psychological and Physical Rehabilitation, Trauma Care, affected by the war) in cooperation with the National Mine Action Network, as director.

– Program Director, Trauma Care for Landmine Victims, Abrar Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit.

– A collaborator with the AGFUND Gulf Rehabilitation Program for children affected by wars, head of the rehabilitation program.

– A collaborator with Amal Family Inclusion for Street Children (Sports Program)

– Founding member of the UNESCO Chair at the Sudan University of Science and Technology and representative of Abrar Organisation (Trauma Care War Syndrome).

– Trainer, Sudars Association for Eastern Sudan Women, in cooperation with the Indian JICA and the Administrative Sciences Academy in Port Sudan and North Sudan, Marwa.

– Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of the International Federation of Al-Ain Football.

– Member of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Sports, Kinetic Expression and Recreation, Virginia

– Member of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Sports, Kinetic Expression and Recreation, Middle East Region.

-Vice-Chairman of the Legislation and Laws Committee of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Sports, Kinetic Expression and Recreation, Middle East Region and a member of the Women’s Committee

-Member of the International Academy of Sports Technology, Sweden

-Member of the African Society of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

-Member of the Arab Network for Training and Employment in Physical Education and Sports

Director of the Office of the European Journal of Sports Technology in Sudan

– Deputy Editor in Chief of Sports Innovation Magazine, Al-Messila University, and Chairman of the Management Research Reading Committee

– Member of the Reading and Arbitration Committee of the Professional Magazine

– Regional trainer, Distinguished Skills Program, British Cultural Center (Sports and Women Development Program)

Regional trainer in the Distinguished Skills Program at the International Academy, Community Skills

– An international expert in the European Excellence Standard program, recognised by the American University of Denver

– Occupational Safety and Health advisor at the Port Sudan Academy of Administrative Sciences

–  Member of the Arab Coaches Association

– Member of the Association of Arab Sports Pioneers

– Chairman of the Sudanese Consultative Council and a representative of the Arab Regional Center (ANSAM).

– Member of the Arab Scientific Council for Sports Sciences, visiting professor, in a number of Sudanese and Algerian universities

– Evaluator of international standards for the quality of training management in the light of ISO 10015

– Evaluating international standards for the quality of training service providers in the light of ISO 29993, first-degree job competencies

– National lecturer at the Sudanese Swimming Federation, head of the Technical Committee for Ladies Swimming Zone 3, AU

– International lecturer at the International Women’s Sports Federation

– Head of the Africa Sports Bureau and member of the African Union Women’s Development Program Zone 3.

  –       Text Books: 8 text books.

–       Articles: 53 scientific papers.

Certificates & Awards  
  1. First place for the research teams competition (on issues of gender and religious discrimination for women) Sports is a constitutional right for Arab women The Sixth Arab Symposium on Women’s Sport for an Arab Vision for the Activation of Women’s Sports The Republic of Tunisia The Ministry of Youth and Sports and Physical Education in cooperation with the League of Arab States BH / Hammamet 26 – November 27 (2010)

2. The Distinguished Research Award at the Fifth Sports Innovation Conference which was held in the colleges of physical education in Jordanian universities in cooperation with the award of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Sports Innovation The Fifth Innovation Conference held in Jordanian universities 3-4 // 20137 on the psychological and physical rehabilitation of women In areas of displacement and poverty (2012)

3. Muslim Women’s Sport Award for the Department of Research and Studies / Malaysia The second deliberative conference for women’s issues in the work group Carving the slogan (Women’s Sport and Gender Issues) International Working Group Malaysia Kuala Lumpur November

A field study of verbal harassment and gender discrimination of international mathematics

4. Award for Outstanding Scientific Production and Best Professor of the Arab Scientific Academy on the sidelines of the Sixth International Conference on Research on Financial Governance in Professional Sports Clubs April 2017


5. Granting the Arab Women’s Sports Award, the scientific competition for the research teams, November 2014, Algeria, in the practice of electronic violence against women’s sports

Training, Courses and Workshops:  
  –       Medicine course for refinement, Nairobi University, July 2006 Leaders of the International Federation, Nairobi

–       Complementary Sports Medicine Course, team physician – August 2004, leaders of the AFC Mediator, UAE

–       Complementary Sports Medicine Course team physician – November 2006 AFC Leadership, Symbiosis Vishay Bevan, Pune, India

–       Arab Women’s Leadership Course in the Second Administration, Cairo, December 2004, Faculty of Physical Education, Alexandria Girls, and the Arab Women’s Sports Association, League of Arab States, Leaders of the League of Arab States.

–       The Arab Women Leadership Course in the second administration, Cairo, December 2004, the Faculty of Physical Education in Alexandria Girls and the Sports Association of Arab Women at the League of Arab States Leaders of the League of Arab States

–       Olympic Solidarity Course for Training Female Gymnastics 5/7/1994 Sudanese Olympic Academy Olympic National Olympic Committee

–       Advanced Course for Swimming and Water Polo Arbitration 24/24/1994 / Sudanese Swimming Federation, Advancing the National Olympic Committee.

–       Introductory Course for Swimming Arbitration 08/24/1992 / Sudanese Swimming Federation, Preliminary National Olympic Committee.

–       Training of Trainers workshop for trauma treatment, October 2004, the United Nations Development Program.



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