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Dr. Naseem Abdel

Lecturer / Sweden


Dr. Naseem Abdel is a Scientist, Senior Lecturer and Course Developer in Engineering Physics. He earned a Ph.D. degree in Engineering Physics from Lund University (Sweden). Naseem has worked at several prestigious research and academic institutions around the world, including Institute of Oncampus Lund Sweden/Cambridge Education Group (Sweden), Lund University (Sweden), Swedish Center of Science and Education (Sweden), Tohoku University (Japan), University of Zakho (Kurdistan Region of Iraq), Dohuk University (Kurdistan Region of Iraq) and Mosul University (Iraq). Naseem has extensive experience, in teaching and conducted research, in the disciplines of Nanosensor technology, nanotechnology, subatomic physics, radiation Physics, and Nuclear Physics, as well as, he has good experience in advanced skills in several simulations and programming languages. Naseem has been designed and developed several scientific courses and programs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Sweden and Iraq. He has received numerous prominent fellowships and honors, including the Japanese Postdoctoral Fellowship in Japan. Naseem was participated in many worldwide conferences, and published more than 27 articles and reports in different Journals, something he is really proud of.

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