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Mohammad Aljaradin

Dr. Mohammad Aljaradin

Lecturer / Sweden


Mohammad Aljaradin is a Scientist/ Senior researcher in Sustainability and Environmental Engineering. Mohamed Aljaradin has worked at a number of prestigious research and academic institutions around the world, including Lund University in Sweden, Hamburg University in Germany, Wisconsin University in the United States, the University of New South Wales in Australia, and Tafila Technical University in (Jordan). Mohammad has received numerous prominent fellowships and honors, including the Endeavour Fellowship in Australia and the Fulbright Research Fellowship in the United States . I’ve had the privilege of working with incredible teams that have graduated hundreds of Ph.D.s and engineers who work all around the world, something I am really proud of.



Mohammad Aljaradin is a Senior Environmental Engineer with extensive experience in the disciplines of sustainability. My work has a high international profile, including collaborations with industry and government in countries such as Sweden, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Turkey, and the United States. I’ve been collaborating with industrial partners to provide effective environmental solutions. I’ve presented various environmental solutions for developing countries such as (Mozambique, India, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, and Jordan) at the nexus of water, food, waste, green energy, and climate change impacts. I’ve also collaborated with numerous financial agencies, such as the EU Horizon, to evaluate international development work projects in developing countries. I consider myself an environmental and sustainability advocate, and I’ve worked as a director and project manager, as well as a member of numerous charitable foundations and community service. In addition, through publications, lectures, and workshops, I have worked to raise public awareness.

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