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Dr. Guanghui Qiao

Lecturer / China


Ph.D. Associate professor, Head of the Dept. of Hotel Management, Supervisor of Master students

Language speaking: Chinese, English, French and Korean



Educational background

2012.07-2015.03 Postdoctor on Human Geography, School of Environment and Planning, Henan University, China


2007.09-2010.06 School of Tourism Management, Paichai University, Korea  – Ph.D


2004.09-2006.03 School of Tourism Management, Ecole Superieure de Gestion(ESG), France – Master


2001.09-2004.06 School of Business, Ecole Superieure de Gestion et Commerce Internationale(ESGCI), France – Bachelor


Professional experience

2019.03-  Associate professor, Head of the Dept. of Hotel Management, School of Tourism and Urban-rural Planning, Zhejiang Gongshang University, China


2019.09-2020.07 Visiting scholar, School of Geography and Marine Sciences, Nanjing University, China


2015.04 – 2016.04 Visiting scholar, School of Business, James Cook University, Australia


2010.08-2019.03 Associate professor, School of management, Henan University of Technology, China


2008.09-2010.06 Lecturer, School of Tourism and Event Management, Paichai University, Korea


2006.06-2006.12 Internship in Huawei Technologies, France


Recent main publication list


Research paper

  • Guanghui Qiao, Wenjia Ruan*, Anja Pabel. Understanding tourists’ protection motivations when faced with overseas travel after COVID-19: The case of South Koreans travelling to China. Current Issues in Tourism. 2021.5. (SSCI
  • Guanghui Qiao, Liu Ding, Linlin Zhang*, Huili Yan. Accessible tourism: a bibliometric review (2008-2020). Tourism Review. 2021. (SSCI
  • Guanghui Qiao, Qingwen Chen. TOURISM AND INEQUALITY: PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTS. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change. 2021.7.
  • Guanghui Qiao, Junmiao Zhang, Anja Pabel, Nan Chen*. Understanding the factors influencing the leisure tourism behaviours of visually impaired travellers: An empirical study in China. Frontiers in Psychology. 2021.5. (SSCI
  • Linlin Zhang, Guanghui Qiao*, Huiling Huang, Yang Chen, Jiaojiao Luo. Evaluating Spatiotemporal Distribution of Residential Sprawl and Influencing Factors Based on Multi-Dimensional Measurement and GeoDetector Modelling. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021, 18, 8619. (SSCI
  • Keheng Xiang,Guanghui Qiao* , Fan Gao,Yang Cao. Information anxiety, intergroup emotion, and rational coping in hotel employees under normalized pandemic prevention measures. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management. 2021.7.
  • Guanghui Qiao, Xiao-li Zhao, Luqi Xin*, Seokchool Kim. Concerns or Desires Post-Pandemic: An Extended MGB Model for Understanding South Korean Residents’ Perceptions and Intentions to Travel to China. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2021, 18, 2542.(SSCI
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  • Qiao Guanghui, Chen N, Prideaux B. Understanding interactions between beggars and international tourists: the case of China. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 2017,22 (3): 272-283.Best Paper of the Year 2017
  • Qiao Guanghui. Comparison of Chinese and Korean Students Understanding Their Constraints on Participation of Leisure Activities context of Environmental education. Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 2017,13 (7): 4281-4290. (SSCI
  • Qiao Guanghui. Medical Tourism: Be a Tourist and a Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology, 2016, 118: 65-66. (SCI
  • Yong-hai Li*, Zhi-ping Fan*, Guang-hui Qiao*. Product recommendation incorporating the consideration of product performance and customer service factors. Kybernetes, 2017(2):1-25. (SSCI
  • Qiao Guanghui. Study on Tourism Expectation of Mega-Event between Tourists and Residents Based on Social Demograpgic Information. Journal of Convergence Information Technology, 2013, 8(2): 737-743. (EI
  • Qiao Guanghui. Research on Inbound Tourists’ Evaluations for Chinese Traditional Cultural Performances as Tourism Product Based on Structural Relationship. International Journal of Advancements in Computing Technology, 2013,1(5): 646-655. (EI



1Qiao Guanghui, 《Development strategy of ecotourism destination: image, satisfaction and loyalty》, Southwest Jiaotong University Press, 2012.

(2)Qiao Guanghui, Chapter 23 “Social Tourism in China”of the book 《Handbook on Social Tourism》. Edward Elgar Publishers,2020:279-289.



Project leader:


  • Leading 1 National project and 5 Provincial project






  • Tourism Youth Expert of Zhejiang, China (2020.11)


  • National Outstanding Young Educator of Tourism Education (2020.10)