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Lecturer / Algeria
  1. Neurosurgeon at department of Mustapha PACHA Hospital, Algiers
  2. PhD in biology at University of Sciences and Technologies HOUARI BOUMEDIENE, Algiers

3. Master 2 in Didactic of foreign languages, English department, University of Algiers 2

  1. Teacher at Higher School of Sport Sciences and Technology, Algiers
  2. Member of the medical commission of the Algerian Olympic Committee (COA)

since January 2016

6 .Member of International Association for Sport Medecine and kinetic (IASMK)

7. Member of International Epilepsy Surgery Society (IESS)8. Leader of Scientific Research Team in Laboratory of Sociological Sciences Applied to Sport 9. Member of Laboratory of Biological Sciences Applied to Sport

  1. Member of the Scientific Project at University of sciences and technologies HOUARI BOUMEDIENE
  2. Supervision of Master’s theses in Biology at the University of Sciences and Technologies HOUARI BOUMEDIENE

12. Author of books and scientific articles in the field of: neurosurgery, biology and sports medicine control13. Editorial expertise in scientific journals

14.Delegate at Best Diplomats Turkiye



HABCHI Nawel 1. Neurochirurgienne à  l’hôpital Mustapha PACHA,Alger2. Doctorat en biologie à l’Université des sciences et technologies HOUARI BOUMEDIENE,Alger3. Master 2 en didactique des langues étrangères, département d’anglais, Université d’Alger 24. Enseignante Chercheur à  l’Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Techniques du Sport,Alger5. Membre de la commission médicale du Comité Olympique Algérien (COA)depuis janvier 20166. Membre de l’Association internationale de médecine du sport et de Kinésitherapie (IASMK)7. Membre de la Société Internationale de Chirurgie de l’Epilepsie (IESS)8. Chef d’équipe de recherche scientifique du Laboratoire des Sciences Sociologiques Appliquées au Sport9. Membre du Laboratoire des Sciences Biologiques Appliquées au Sport 10. Membre du Projet Scientifique à l’Université des sciences et technologies HOUARI BOUMEDIENE11. Encadrement  des mémoires de  Master en  biologie à l’Université des sciences et technologies HOUARI BOUMEDIENE12. Auteur d’ouvrages et d’articles scientifiques dans le domaine de : la neurochirurgie, la biologie et la médecine du sport13. Expertise scientifique dans  des revues scientifiques14. Délégué chez Best Diplomats Turquie


Prof. Tareq Shareef Younus


Position: Advisor, Quality Assurance & Accreditation


Private email:


WhatsApp: 0097336826644


LinkedIn Profile:


Major Area of Specialization:  Business Administration- Strategic Management

Area of Excellence: Strategic Planning, Governance, Quality Assurance, research …. Other related fieldwork experience based on Know-how skills.

Experiences: Academic, Business, Industry, and Entrepreneur background. Fieldwork know-how experience in Strategic Planning.

Professional Goals: Seeking excellence in research, teaching, and academic performance. In addition to transforming theory into practice based on know-how skills.
Teaching Philosophy: Focusing on the learning outcomes as identified in the course syllabus and sustaining international academic standards. In addition, meeting the educational quality assurance standards in both teaching duties and learner’s performance assessments.
Vision: Knowledge is power and the source of human welfare and prosperity
Mission: Committed to providing the latest knowledge in business together with know-how applications that workplaces needed.



Ph.D. (Business Administration) 2000 Mosul University-College of Administration & Economics- Mosul – Iraq

Type of study: Courses and Thesis- Full Time

Rating: Excellent

M.P.A (Public Administration) 1983

Liverpool University-England (U.K)

Type of study: Courses and Dissertation- Full Time

Rating: TBC

BSc., (Business Administration) 1976

Mosul University- College of Administration & Economics-     Mosul/Iraq

Type of study: Full Time.

Rating: Good

Qualification’s equivalency

All qualifications (B.Sc., M.P.A, and Ph.D.) are approved and equalized to the Higher Education Standards in the Kingdom of Bahrain, officially approved through Qualifications and Accreditation Directorate (QAD) in the Ministry of Education – Bahrain.

 Thesis and Dissertation titles:

Ph.D. Thesis

“Strategic Thinking Modes and their impact on Strategic Decision Making: Comparative Study in both Mix and Private   Corporations- Iraq”.

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Strategic Management

M.P.A Dissertation

“Administrative Training with the Special Emphases on the French École Nationale d’Administration (ENA)” 1983

Major: Public Administration

Minor: Strategic Apex Training and Development

Academic Position: Advisor, Quality Assurance & Accreditation – UOVL

The designer of the MBM program for the purposes of British accreditation. at Victoria University of London. Currently, the program is under evaluation process.Governance & Strategy Expert, and Internal Auditor, Total Quality Assurance-

Al-Qadsiyah Saudi SC- KSA.

Former Founder and CEO of Global-Link Management Consultancy, Established in February 2017.

  Held different academic leadership positions in different countries.

Managing Training & Teaching Activities licensed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism- Kingdom of Bahrain 2016-2017.

Business Experience in Strategies and Governance:


·      Designed a comparative rival in the sports with the best top 3 ranked clubs at KSA sports clubs.

·      Formulated long-range business plans and investments for Investment Directorate at the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah club, 2019-2023, KSA

·      Formulated social events strategy for the years 2021-2023 in the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah Club, KSA

·     Formulated an operation strategy for Legal Department at the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah club, it is mapped with the vision mission, and ethical system in the sports club.

·     Led the work of the governance team at the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah club and obtained the required qualification from the Saudi Ministry of Sports to support the qualified clubs.

·      Achieved the third level for governance with the qualification of three clubs out of a total of 16 clubs – the excellent and professional class of the football teams in Saudi Arabia.

·     Have prepared a comprehensive strategy for the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah club – Ministry of Sports – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

·     Have formulated a five-year strategy for Al-Qadisiyah Sports Club – for the years 2029-2023 – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

·     Analyzed the internal and external environment of the Qadisiyah Sports Club, developed areas for possible improvement and mapped out strategic challenges consistent with the requirements of the strategic plan of the Saudi Qadisiyah Club.

·     Drew operational plans for about 15 departments and a section emanating from the specific content of the overall strategy.

·     Conducted surveys of stakeholder requirements and prepared an action plan to implement the beneficiaries’ demands for the existence of the Qadisiyah Club.

·  have prepared work regulations in line with the requirements of sports club governance, as follows:

·    A list of formulating administrative decisions at various administrative levels using the RACI matrix.

·   Defined the areas of work of the departments for the purposes of making various decisions, according to the levels of decision and the location of its taking.

·     Have reformulated the job description according to the new developments on the list of sports clubs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·    Have prepared numerous administrative regulations in accordance with the requirements of sports club governance standards in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

·     Have prepared the main performance indicators from an analytical and scientific reality that contributed to drawing the roadmap for all departments towards the required and expected performance axes.

·     Designed easy and direct models to capture work progress and performance indicators for all departments and employees. They are monitored monthly.

·     Have set up a system to follow up the implementation of the comprehensive strategy and the strategic plan to determine the extent of compatibility with the requirements of implementing the strategy.

·     Designed risk assessment and management models in the Saudi Al-Qadsiyah club in order to implement the risk and crisis management strategy that we prepared for the club.

·     Have prepared a comprehensive plan to implement and address the potential risks facing the administrations in the Saudi Qadsiyah Club.

·     Have prepared a commercial plan for the years 2019-2023 AD to manage investment and marketing in the club.

·     Have held and implemented workshops in the Saudi Al-Qadsiyah Club on many topics, including:

Risk and crisis management. Two parts

How to formulate your strategy

How to deal with time and set your daily priorities

Preparing the administrative protocol for the prevention of the Coronavirus Covid 19

Your role in social responsibility in the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah club.

·      Designed a matrix of housing performance indicators for the various departments included in the organizational structure on the axes of the strategic plan of the Saudi Al-Qadisiyah club, up to the percentage of achieving the completion of the comprehensive strategy of the club.

·      Have prepared the process of decision making and its mechanism in Al-Qadsiyah Saudi Sports Club Using the RACI model (sequence of reporting system).

13th January 2020, Director, Strategic Planning Management & Total Quality Assurance- Al- Qadsiyah Club-   Saudi Arabia- Al-Khobar.

May 2019– December 18th, 2019, Director of Research Unit. American College of Dubai, UAE.

September 15th, 2018– December 18th, 2019, Professor- teaching faculty member, business department, American College of Dubai, UAE.

October 2017- 14th September 2018, Consultation, research & training activities for business management programs. Also, MBM & MSM programs- ACD, UAE

1st September 2016 up to 30th September 2017. Professor & Chair, Business Administration ECMIT- Dubai- UAE

1st September 2015 to 5th June 2016, Professor, Ahlia University, College of Business and Marketing, College of Business and Finance, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

2008-2015, Dean of Administrative Sciences College, Applied Science University, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

2006-2008, teaching faculty member, Applied Science University, College of Economics & Administrative Sciences- Amman, Jordan.

2005-2006, Professor- teaching faculty member, Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq

April/2004, Visiting Professor, Naif University for Security Sciences, College of Administration, Department of Public Administration, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

2003-2004, Sabbatical Year at the Applied Science University-College of Economics & Administrative Sciences, Amman, Jordan.

2001/Graduate Programs– External Evaluator, Visiting Professor – Eden University, External Graduate Program Reviewer & External Examiner.

1979-1982, Visiting Professor – University of Hadramute, Yemen.

2001-2003, Head of Business Administration Department, Mosul University, Iraq.


External Arbitrator & Evaluator for Academic Ranking Promotions:

Has appointed by universities an external academic promotion evaluator as following:

Jadara University, Jarash- Jordan

Private Applied Science University- Amman, Jordan

International Islamic Sciences University, Amman- Jordan

Middle East University for Graduate Studies, Amman- Jordan

Foundation of Higher Education & Scientific Research– Baghdad, Iraq

Higher Education of Kuwait, Kuwait

Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz University, Alaflaj, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The University of Aden, Aden- Yemen

University of Thamar, Thamar- Yemen

Ahlia Amman University– Jordan

General Foundation for Applied Training and Teaching- Research & Teaching Applied Sector- Kuwait


Attended many training sessions for teaching and learning skills improvement purposes:

SmartBoard technique for teaching, January 2016

Moodle and eLearning System, Ahlia University, November 2015

Adreg system, Ahlia University, October 2015

National Authority for Qualifications and Quality Assurance of Education and Training, Kingdom of Bahrain “Training Local Reviewers” October 2-3, 2013

National Qualifications Framework Set Up Project: Joint Working Group Meeting: Institutional Listing, Mapping, and Qualification Approval. The Kingdom of Bahrain, 23 October 2013

Assessment: Principles and Design A NAQQAET Cycle2 Contextualized Review, QAC ASU, Bahrain, October 27th, 2013

Smart Board Interactions’ and Functioning, ASU. Bahrain, March 22nd, 2012

Higher Education Council and Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh), Seminar ‘Skills for the 21st Century: Improving Employability Skills” , KoB, 25th September 2012.

Higher Education Council and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-USA), Higher Education for the 21st Century, Manama KoB 8th-10th October 2012.

British Council, Workshop entitled “Developing Innovative Teaching, Learning and Assessment Methods to Improve Student Outcomes” Sunday-Monday, Kingdom of Bahrain, 21-22 October 2012

Bahrain Qualification Framework Launch Workshop, Thursday, Kingdom of Bahrain, , March  3rd, 2011

Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF)- Transition for Training Centers Edexcel International  Centre – Regional Centre- Manama Bahrain 19-20 June 2011.

AECS e-Learning technology for Tutors working at Arab Open University, Kingdom of Bahrain 2011.

Strategic Planning at Universities/ Institutions of Higher Education and KPI’s and BSC Applications, Ministry of Education- Secretariat General of the Higher Education Council, Kingdom of Bahrain, 28th to 30th November 2011.

Teaching and Presentation techniques in academic teaching practices (Arab Board for Training and Consultancy), implemented in Applied Sciences University, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 3-4 February 2010.

e-Learning Workshop, Applied Science University, Applied Sciences University 27th March 2010

Basic e-Content Design, Institute of Public Administration, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 14th April 2010.

Workshop on Self-Evaluation in Preparing for Program Review, Master of Business Administrations (Higher Education Review Unit- Kingdom of Bahrain) 5 October 2010

Computer Skills, Consultancy Centre for Academic Staff Development, Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan, 24 Feb/05 March 2008

Statistical Analysis using SPSS Program, Applied Science University, Amman- Jordan, October 2007,

ICDL, Applied Science University- Jordan, July-2004

Developing Academic Staff Teaching Skills and Capabilities, Applied Science University-Amman- Jordan, 23-29 February 2004

ICDL, Mosul University 1st– 15th, 2001, July

Statistical Analysis Methods for Business, 5th– 20th February 2000

Basic principles and advanced computer skills, Mosul University, University Computer Centre, December 1997

Advanced Educational Teaching Methods and Techniques, Mosul University, Mosul University, 10th-25th April 1991

Training and Workshop programs in the area of business have been delivered in business, public, and other sectors for sustainability and improvement purposes as follows:


Strategic Management, Strategic Planning Training & Workshops have delivered:

SWOT analysis using a software application

Strategy- Business positioning Alignment, using a software application

Strategic apex skills, using online measurement tools

Strategic Planning Process, using the alignment method and mapping applications

Vision, Mission and Value system crafting and design for an organization

Corporate Strategies and Business Positioning Alignment, using software applications and group work forms

Strategic gap analysis attached to the action improvement plan, using simple quantitative methods and format.


Quality Assurance for Higher Education and Schools:

E-Learning- using the system for teaching and learning technology.

Teaching methods, using advanced techniques

Academic Program Self Evaluation Report Preparations, using international academic design standards.

Academics Review Preparation Process, using quality assurance standards.

Quality assurance standards, using higher education standards in selected countries.

AACSB accreditation standards and documentation requirements

Intended Learning Outcomes design for (program, courses, and syllabus), using progressive learning skills

Learning assessment methods, using rubrics associated with applied forms and case methods.

Teaching by in class group technique, using applied formats and cases.


Organizational Structure and Design:

Organization structure and charts, supported by RACI matrix application and method.

Effective design for power point, using international standards and communication requires skills.

Leadership skills assessment, using online measurements.

Self-appraisal measurement and required action plan for future improvement.

Priority Matrix with reference to daily task scheduling, using forms and software applications.


Research Methods and Statistical Analysis Techniques:

Online statistical analysis, re-coding and using descriptive statistics, using MTB and SPSS software

Descriptive statistics and required statistical interpretations, using MTB and SPSS software

Advanced Statistics methods using regression methods

Multivariate statistical Analysis, using Factor- Exploratory method

Designing advanced methodology for PhDs research work, using Ontology and Epistemology approaches

Designing advanced methodology for graduate-level research work, using standards and required research elements approach

Designing graduation project methodology, using brief descriptive statistics and its interpretations

Descriptive statistical package methods and descriptions, using Excel Microsoft application

Designing an online questionnaire, using popular methods


Note: Many other workshops and training programs are ready to be designed based on customized trainee’s needs
Thankful and Appreciation certificate from Ninavah University, regarding my advise and contribution for Strategic Planning Formulation 2021-2026.

Received many awards for excellence and scientific achievements related to contributions in research, teaching, supervision, administrative work, as a committee member, and for principal works and community services 1985-2001.

Awarded Scholarship by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Baghdad, Iraq to join the master’s degree at Liverpool University, September 4th, 1981- January 25th, 1984.

Appreciation Certificate from Hadhramot University for Science and Technology, Yemen, for research and academic activities delivered during 2nd semester 2000/2001.

Appreciation Certificate issued by the Tanmiat Al- Rafidain Journal for the improvement efforts in developing the technical and scientific aspects for three decades.

Appreciation certificates issued by Bahrain University- the community service and continuing education center for engagement in the Audit and Development of Course Portfolios September 17th, 2013.

Appreciation Certificate from the Vice Prime Minister for Law Affairs- Kuwait for the contribution in the events of the Intellectual Capital Development 18-20 January 2010- Kuwait.

The research area of interest is linked to my area of specialization with specific concern with strategic management; another related area of interest is also covered in my history of long-time experience.

Many related research skills are acquired and have been effectively employed in the following major’s research interests:

Strategic Management

Strategic Analysis and Planning

Strategic and Operational Gap Analysis

Synergy Issues in Business and Management

Organization Behavior

Business Ethics


Human Resources Management

E- Management and Social Media techniques

Contemporary issues in Business and Management

Establishing startup businesses

Sustainable Management

Happiness and Tolerance issues

Indexing, Google Scholar- Research Gate (

Teaching Duties (MBA & PhD in Business Administration) have been delivered in Arabic and English Languages based on the type of program based on language requirement:

American College of Dubai- 2018 to present

Organizational Leadership Fall II 2018

Family Business Management Spring semester & Fall 2019

Policy and Strategy Management 2019

Small Business Management (Summer I )2019

Business Ethics (Summer II) (Fall) 2019


ECMIT- Dubai- UAE 2016/2017

Strategic Management


Leadership Management

Business Policy & Strategy

Innovation Management


Applied Science University (Bahrain) Master’s Degree in Business and HRM (2008-2014)

Strategic Management

Strategic Human Resources Management

Change Management.

Cases in HRM

Motivation Management in HRM

Leadership and Organization Behavior


Applied Science University (Bahrain) BBA Program

Strategic Management

Scientific Research

Organization Theory and Behavior


Malaysian Enhanced Open University

Hosted by AOU Bahrain 2010-2012 (Master’s Degree in Business) English Track: , Taught through both F2F and Remote classes:

Business Management

Human Resources Management

Strategic Management

Business Research Methods


Graduate Studies (MBA and PhD)

Strategic Management, Organization Theory, Organization Behavior.


Ahlia University- Bahrain subjects taught 2015/ 2016 :

Business and Finance Research Methods (BFRM)

Strategic Management

Organization Behavior

Human Resources Management

Marketing Management

Graduation Projects 499


Private Applied Science University- Amman, Jordan


Human Resource Management, Business Communication

Performance Appraisal for Human Resources

Human Resource Management

Case study in Human Resources Management

Training and HR Development

Mosul University, Iraq 1984- 2003


Strategic Management, Organization Theory and Design, E-Management, Research Methodology, Modern Topics in Management, English for Business and other related courses.

Graduate Studies (MBA and PhD)

Strategic Management, Organization Theory, Organization Behavior.

Acted a research advisor to many students in the undergraduate, master level and PhDs attached to many universities across the universities
Outreach: Acted as a Guest Speaker in public events, exhibitions, the advisory board for developing positive attitudes in education and cooperation of scientific activities.

Strategies and Strategic Plan of the Al-Qadisiyah Saudi club: Operational framework and key performance indicators- 2019-2023 AD- It was authored with cooperation by expert colleagues in Al-Qadisiyah Saudi Club – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2021.

Tareq Shareef Younus shared with Baraa Sharef & Zeyad Sharef (2018) Glossary Business Management and Information Technology LAMBERT Academic publishing, (ISBN 987 – 613 – 8 – 38768 – 8)

Tareq Shareef Younus (2002, 2005 & 2012), Strategic Thinking for Leaders: Lessons from Global and Arab World Experience,(Published by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, Issue No. 362, Ciro-Egypt)

Tareq Shareef Younus (2002 & 2012) , Strategic Thinking Modes and its Relation to Strategic Decision Making,(Dar Al-Kitab, Jordan)

Tareq Shareef Younus and Khalid Abed Al- Raheem Al-Heeti, (2011) Strategic Management: construct and Maintaining Competitive Advantage Approach, Published by Applied Sciences University), the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Tareq Shareef Younus and Raid Al- Dabagh (2011) Statistical Analysis: Concepts, Methodology and Applications- Using Minitab, published by (Applied Sciences University), Kingdom of Bahrain.

Tareq Shareef Younus (2007), Public Relations: Concepts, Principles, and Policies (Dar Ethra- Jordan, Amman)

Tareq Shareef Younis (2005), Management, Accountancy and Internet Glossary with Arabic Concise Description, English-Arabic (Dar-Wael Publishing Co. Amman-Jordan)

Tareq Shareef Younus and Muhammad Al- Taamne (2004), E-Government: Applications at Arab Countries (Published by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development, Issue No. 390, Ciro-Egypt)


Chapter in Book (Published)

Younus, T. S., & Ahmad, R. (2021). Zakat Management and Economic Sustainability: United Arab Emirates Model. In Sarea, A. (Ed.), Impact of Zakat on Sustainable Economic Development (pp. 108-119). IGI Global. http://doi:10.4018/978-1-7998-3452-6.ch008,


Prof. Tareq Shareef Younus and Prof. Amer Al- Rubai and, (2014) Building Innovation Capacity For Knowledge Creation In GCC Countries, Edited by Prof. Allam Ahmad “World Sustainable Development” OUTLOOK 2014 WASD,

Tareq Shareef Younus (2007) “Strategic Vision to Knowledge Management Strategy: An Evaluative Paradigm” Allam Ahmad (ed.) “World Sustainable Development Outlook 2007: Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development in the 21st Century. University of Sussex, UK., Published in English Version.


Research submitted to 2020 international conference:

Japanese organizational culture and the Possibility of application in the Arab communities, 1st International Conference on Business & Technological Trends, American College of Dubai 2020


Strategic contextual business ethics paradigm, 1st International Conference on Business & Technological Trends, American College of Dubai 2020


Published research work in Peer Reviewed Journals

Exploring Influence of Spreading Sport’s Culture on Employees’ Happiness and Tolerance as a Part of Sustainable Development at American College of Dubai, Second International Conference of the School of Business. Business Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in Light of Corona Pandemic: Reality and Aspirations, to be held in Jadara university- Jordan between 13th and 14th October 2021.

Synergism Paradigm and Effective Teamwork Mechanism, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278-3075, Volume-8, Issue-12S, October 2019

Narcissistic Behavior in the Administrative Environment – Exploratory Study, Hexa Ethics, vol. 1, Issue 1, Pages 1-15, 2019 Mo_6U8PmtJAL&start=10&sa=N&ved=2ahUKEwjFvfeYr6LmAhUP_RQKHUMzDbIQ8tMDegQICxAt&biw=1280&bih=561&dpr=1.5

The Relationship Between Administrative Hypocrisy And The Organization Disorder: Diagnostic Approach, HexaTech,, 1 Feb. 2019 P-ISSN:  2636-395X, E-ISSN:  2636-3968  DOI:   (

The impact of Synergy on Teamwork Performance: Group Analysis Perspective, the 15th Scientific Annual International Conference for Business (SICB 15), which will be held at AL-Zaytoonah University of Jordan on Apr 18, 2016.

Contributions of organizational learning in the development of strategic thinking: an analytical study of the academic faculties in the context of the Applied Science University, Jordan Journal of Applied Science “Humanities Series”, Volume 12, No. 1, 2010 (ISSN 1605-2579).

Strategic Profiles of Total Quality Management of Higher Education in the context of the desired transformation in the Islamic environment, International Seminar on Higher Education: Challenges And Prospects, 24th -25th March 2008,  IIUM,

Exploring Strategic Vision to Knowledge Management Strategy: An Evaluative Paradigm, a paper published in the 5th international conference proceeding on “Managing Knowledge, Technology and Development in the Era of Information Revolution”, 29-31 October 2007, Brisban, WASD, Australia. (

Culture of Japanese Organization and the Possibility of its Application in the Arab States, paper published in the Seventh International Conference, and published in the “Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations”, Journal, 24-27 July, 2007 Singapore University.

Doing the Right Things: Strategic Decision Making and Risk management Interface, Paper is presented and published in the conference of Al-Zytona University, Amman, Jordan, April 2007

Managing Business Ethics with the context of Conflicting Purposes: Strategic Paradigm Review, Paper Published in the Scientific Journal of Arab Open Academy in Denmark, Vol. 1, No. 1, Kobenhavn, Denmark, 2006.

Toward Digital Management: A Visionary Outlook to the overall e-Strategy Formulation, presented at the 2nd Jarash University Conference. Jarash-Jordan, July-2004

The Role of Digital Organization and e-Government in Modernizing Arab Administration. Published and presented at the Developing and Modernizing Management within the Context of Arab Countries. The 1st Conference of the Post Graduate Academy, Tarablus-Libya, March-2004

Academic Leadership Development Strategy toward e-Management Application at Arab Universities, Aleppo University Conference proceeding, Aleppo -Syria, March-2003

Logical Relationship between Integration Strategies and in the Economic Performance within the Context of Small Business Firms Arab World. Published and Delivered at the Applied Science University Conference, Amman-Jordan. July-2003

E-Management: Obstacles Analysis-as Viewed from Top Level Management. Published and delivered at Philadelphia University Conference. Amman-Jordan, April-2002

Intuitive Strategic Decision Making: Contexts and Techniques. Al EDARI Journal, Muscat-Oman, No.27, December 2001

Innovation: Basics and Disturbances from Top Level Management within the Context of Arab World. Published at the eighth Arab Conference of Management. Cairo-Egypt, October-2001

Diagnosing Strategic Thinking Modes at Top Management and Functional Level Management within the Private Firms in Iraq. Arab Administration Journal, Vol21,No.1, Cairo-Egypt, June-2001

Strategic Co-alignment between Organizational Strategies and Successive Competitive Strategies as Applied at Industrial Private Firms at Mosul. Economic Horizons Journal (accepted for publishing), United Arab Emirates, 2001

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Employee’s Culture and its Effect on Organization Efficiency: Contents and Techniques. Published by “Tanmiat Al-Rafidain”, Mosul-Iraq Vol. 30, No. 54.(1999)

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Training Needs Planning: System Analysis Approach. Published by, Arab Journal of Administration, AOOAS, Amman, Jordan, Vol. 10, No. 1.1986.

The Role of Mosul University in the Continual Teaching Program: Analytical Study. Research presented in the fourth Scientific and Educational Conference, Mosul University, from 8-10th May 1985.

Arab Region

“Acted a reviewer to the content and contexts of academic programs within the framework of quality assurance and accreditation in higher education ” The workshop entitled “Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education”  Sharm El Sheikh – Egypt, (6 to 9 March) 2011

Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training (Higher Education Review Unit (HERU) Bahrain, Experience of Program Review- HERU Forum 30-31 October 2011

Intellectual Capital Development, Comments on papers presented at Intellectual Capital Development Conference, Ministry of Islamic Affairs, 20-18 January, State of Kuwait, 2010.

Doing the Right Thing: Strategic Decision Making and Risk Management Interface, paper presented in the (Al-Zytona University, Amman, Jordan, April) 2007.

Developing Postgraduate Studies and Supervision in Mosul University with specific emphasis on Business and Economics Research, College of Administration and Economics- Mosul University 11 May 2006.


The impact of Synergy on Teamwork Performance: Group Analysis Perspective, the 15th Scientific Annual International Conference for Business (SICB 15), which was held at AL-Zaytoonah University of Jordan on Apr 18, 2016.

” Building Innovation Capacity For Knowledge Creation In GCC Countries” World Sustainable Development: West meets East- Sharing the Past and CURRENT experience to Benefit the Future, (WASD) Virginia- CANADA, August, 2014

Effectiveness of Strategic Analysis (SWOT) Toward SME’s Establishment:  Pilot Study for the Entrepreneurs and Bank Managers Opinions- KoB, Mosul University, College of Business and Economics, Iraq, 25-27 December 2012

Business Intelligence: Dialectic between theory and practice: Field study of a sample of business organizations in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. 23-25 April 2012 Al Zaytona University, Amman- Jordan

The first International Conference on Electronic Management, : Transmission Approach toward Electronic Management in the Arab State Region: Limitations and Solutions, 1-4 June 2010, Trablus-Lybia Arabia

A Culture of the Japanese Organization and the Possibility of its Application in the Arab States, the paper was accepted for presentation in the Seventh International Conference on “Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations, 24-27 July 2007 Singapore”

Exploring Strategic Vision to Knowledge Management Strategy: An Evaluative Paradigm, paper presented in the 5th international conference on “Managing Knowledge, Technology and Development in the Era of Information Revolution”, 29-31 October 2007, Brisbane, WASD, and Australia. ISBN (Print) 0-9551771-3-8 (Print).

External Evaluator and Reviewer for MBA Program- College of Business and Finance- Ahlia University, Bahrain, Academic Year 2013/2014.

External examiner for Ahlia University- Bahrain for Banking and Finance final examination/ Summer Semester 2012/013 Academic Year and 1st Semester 2013/2014 Academic Year.

Private Universities representative on the Bahrain Qualifications Framework Project Steering Committee (BQFP), attended  series of workshops,,


Quality Assurance Committee, Applied Science University, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2008-2009

International Reviewer for papers submitted to the 5th international conference on “Managing Knowledge, Technology and Development in the Era of Information Revolution”, Brisbane, WASD, and Australia. 29-31 October 2007,

International Reviewer for papers submitted to the 7th international conference on “Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organizations”, Singapore University, 24-27 July 2007

Graduate (PhD & Master) research reviewer and external examiner in Business Administration Faculty, Asia Enhanced University, Kuala Lumpur with the affiliated Arab Open University, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2010-2011.

Graduate Programs Reviewer on the (Ministry Level Reviewer), Ministry of Higher Education- Iraq (Ministry Order No: BT/3584 on 24th August 2006.

Total Quality Curriculum (TQC) Award Committee –College of Economics– Applied Science University (A.S.U) – (Amman-Jordan) 2003/2004

Ahlia University: Kingdom of Bahrain

Hedonic buying behavior of online customers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, 1st Semester 2016 Tahani Al Muhanadi.

Consumers’ Attitudes and Purchase Intention towards FMCG Green Marketing in Bahrain, 1st Semester 2016  Aala’a Adnan Aljar

Effect of various generation types of business in Bahrain: Batelco Case, 1st Semester 2016 Abdulla Aljaberi 

Workload and productivity measure in nuclear in Salmanyia Medical, 2016 Reem Alkongooni.

The impact of fingerprint system ITAAC (Integrated Time Attendance Access Control) for enhancing employee discipline in MOH-Kingdom of Bahrain, 2016 Najat Alhammar.

Impact of leadership style on conflict management strategies, 2016 Haitham Adnan.

The impact of employee negotiation on job satisfaction in the ministry of labor and social development-Kingdom of Bahrain, 2016 Sana Ali.

Impact of employee motivation and workmanship in Bahrain local market, 2016 Sharifa Albinali.


Applied Science University: Kingdom of Bahrain

The Reality of Managing Employee Performance for the Civil Service working at the Ministry of Education. Kingdom of Bahrain within the framework of 2030 Bahrain Economic Vision, 2014. Amal Al Muawda.

The Relationship between Organizational Conflict Management and Job Satisfaction Enhancement: As Applied in the Schools- Kingdom of Bahrain, 2014. Abed Al Salam A. Naser.

The Role of Hygiene and Motivator Factors in the Organizational Climate toward Job Stability: As applied in the Higher Education Ministry, 2014 Aesha Al Zuhbi

Activating the strategy of the Sports Investment at Football Teams within the framework of Privatization of Sports Clubs inside KSA (Exploratory Study), 2014 Faris Al Subai.

The reality of vocational training and its effect on the formation of organizational climate: Analytical study of Inspectors views in Directorate General of Traffic – Kingdom of Bahrain) 2013, Ahmad Al-Sadee.

Analysis of mental impression of the employee towards the application of electronic evaluation of job performance: A study of the staff views working in the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf (of Justice)KoB 2013.Ali Qanbar

The role of business incubators towards supporting entrepreneurs: Kingdom of Bahrain, 2013 Najeeb Ghurbal

Contributions of Directorates of the Ministry of Education in the formulation of the content of the strategic direction for the development of human resources an exploratory study within the framework of the Economic Vision for Bahrain 2030

2013 Salahuddin Masaad Mohamed ManeaManea


Technical training and its impact on the formation of organizational climate: An analytical study of the views of technician inspectors in the General Directorate of Traffic – Kingdom of Bahrain, 2013 Ahmed Saad Alsaadi


The Role of Business Intelligence toward Administrative  Empowerment: Field Research of Business Organizations at Dammam City in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (MBA Business Program) ASU, Kingdom of Bahrain, July 2012 Saied Al Qahtani

The role of effective training in human resource development in the framework of the Economic vision of the Kingdom of Bahrain 2030: An Analytical Study of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s government ministries, (MBA HRM), ASU, KoB, 2011/2012 Mahmood Al Saigh

The Role of Organizational Culture in Reinforcing Organizational Loyalty: An Empirical Study in the Ministry of Housing the Kingdom of Bahrain, (HRM Master Degree Program) at Applied Science University, KoB, September, 2012 Mohamed Yousif

The Impact of Distribution Method for Performance Evaluation on Staff Stability in the Ministry of Environment- State of Qatar (Business Administration MBA) (Abed Al Aziz Joher) KoB 2012.

Strategic Analysis Role in Instituting Small and Medium Businesses within the Context of Economic Bahraini Vision 2030: Case Study for Bahrain Development Bank.(MBA) (Abed Al Naser Zuhair Al Mutaz, ASU, KoB. 2012

E- Government Services on the context of HR and the extent of its vitality at Education Ministry in Bahrain, (MSc- HR) (Sheekha Nabeel Muhamad), Applied Science University, Manama- Kingdom of Bahrain, 2011.

Organizational Citizenship: Pilot study at Bahrain Municipals,(MSc Human Resources),(Abed Al- Hameed Al- Saaegh) Applied Science University, Manama- Kingdom of Bahrain, 2011.

Strategic Planning and its Impact on Human Resource Reengineering: As Applied at Bahrain Airport. (MSc Human Resources)(Raid Al- Jooder) Applied Science University, Manama- Kingdom of Bahrain, 2011.

The Role of Administrative Leaders on TQM Application with reference to the Governmental Organizations: As Applied at Education Ministry- Kuwait (MSc Business Administration) (Huda Eid Mubarak Alghasab), Applied Science University, Manama- Kingdom of Bahrain, 2011.

An Impact of Transmission Leadership Style on Developing Human Resource Achievements: Field Study at Kuwait Communications Companies. (MSc Human Resources) (Muhamad Bader Al- Mutairy), Applied Science University, Manama- Kingdom of Bahrain, 2010.


The Malaysia Open University hosted by AOU- Bahrain Branch

The Impact Of Rewards On Saudi Arabia’s Ministry Of Health Employees Hajj Duties Performed (MBA), HASSAN HAIDER AL RAMADAN, Open University Malaysia, Hosted in Bahrain Branch, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2012.

Motivation And Its Impact On Pharmacists Performance In Ministry Of Health Hospitals In Eastern Province Of Saudi Arabia (MBA), ALI HASSAN AL – AHMED, Open University Malaysia, Hosted in Bahrain Branch, Kingdom of Bahrain, 2012.

Supervision for PhD’s and Master Degrees: Mosul University- Iraq

Organization Architecture with the Context of IT: Comparative Study in Private and Mixed Firms- Mosul (MSc 2006) (Athwaa Muhammad)

The Role of Credit Analysis in Reducing Non-Performing Bank Loans – Field Study at Commercial Banks in Jordan (Ph.D 2003)( Marai Bani Khalid)

The Role of Information Technology in Reengineering of Administrative Processes: A Case Study in the College of Administration and Economics-Mosul University (M.Sc. 2003) (Shaema Muhamad)

The Impact of Cognitive Styles on Formulation of Strategic Orientation: A Pilot Study of Top Management Views in Private Firms – Mosul (Ph.D. 2003) (Khalid M. Markham)

The Effect of Groups Dynamic and Leadership Behavior in Promoting Organizational Loyalty: Study of Top Management Opinions in Private Firms-Ninavah (M.Sc. 2002) (Raghad Kharoofa)

The Role of Empowerment in Enhancing Organizational Innovation: A Study of Scientific Leaders Opinions at Mosul University (Ph.D. 2002) (Jalal Saad Al- Mulook)

The Role of Human Recourses Information System toward a Competitive Advantage as Applied at Governmental and Private Banks –Mosul (M.Sc. 2001) (Bassam Al- Youzbaki)

Strategic View to Business Organization Objectives and Financial Behavior Modes Alignments: With Reference to Strategic Apex (M.Sc. 2000) (Ahmad Younis Al- Sabawi)

Macro-Constructive Strategy Design toward Selection and Developing Strategic Apex Leaders in Iraq (Ph.D 1998)  (Faiq Meshaal Qaddori)

Organizational Climate and its Impact upon the Determination of Strategic Behavior and choices: As Applied at join-stock companies in Mosul District   (M.Sc.1995) (Fallah Sultan)

The Impact of Organizational and Personal Factors in the Continuing Migration of Scientific Highly Qualified Manpower: Applied Study on Iraqi Universities for the period 1989-1993. (MSc. 1994) (Rifaat M Ali)

American Association of International Researchers (AAIR) 42 | Monticello Street | New York | NY 12701 | United States of America, Phone: (+1) 347.757.4901. E-mail:

International Journal of Research and Reviews in Corporate Sustainability (IJRRC), IJRRC©: Science Academy Publisher United Kingdom,

International Journal of E-Learning, Digital Content & Business Intelligence, Published by Brown Walker Press, USA. (ISSN: 0974-3448).

Journal of Advanced Social Research,

Journal of Administrative Sciences and Policy Studies (ISSN 2372-5117),, USA.

Editorial Board at the “European Journal of Contemporary Economics and Management” (EJCEM),

Reviewer, Allied Academies, (Scopus listed)


Field work Experience methods:

Designing models for the purposes of preparing strategies of all kinds, key performance indicators and methods of implementing them.

All performed in a practical and professional manner, as well as the reality of quantitatively measuring them up to the percentage of achievement of the overall strategy completion and related performance progress distributed among the departments responsible for their implementation in the applied field.


Many teaching tools have been used:

Moodle e-Learning System

Online Examination System

Distance Learning Technology

Remote classes teaching System

Using  Webex – ACES e-Learning System

Turnitin plagiarism software

Electronic Data Bases for research

Survey Monkey

Online survey system

SPSS Software

Minitab Software

ERP smart, comprehensive system

Teaching by (in class student group learning) technique

Business Lab Applications


Teaching Methods:

Independent Learning Method

Group Coaching Method

Individual Assignment Using Standard Template Method (Establishing Startup Business).

Teaching through Labs for business program

Teaching by cases, examples, role playing, and teacher experience in business and industry.

Teaching by objective learning method using excel, SPSS, MINITAB,   online format methods.

Remote class method.

Online Workshops in the time of Corona Virus (COVID19):

Many workshops have delivered online, using Zoom and other applications. 2020


Languages Proficiency:

English language – Fluent

Arabic language- Native language



Available on request


Lecturer / Morocco

GSM                                      : 0604929175


Formation :


2021… Inscription à l’institut international de psychanalyse   ( orientation lacanienne)

2021…Doctorant   en psychanalyse au collège  supérieur   de  naturopathie et psychanalyse  du  Québec au Canada  sous la direction  du Pr Maurice Bergeron

2020 : Psychanalyste diplômé du  collège  supérieur   de  naturopathie et psychanalyse  du  Québec au Canada  sous la direction  du Dr Maurice Bergeron

2019: Certificat spécialisé  en Ressources Humaines  à l’ISCAE

  • : Certificat de formation en techniques de communication à Charleroi en Belgique.

2003 : Attestation de formation en techniques de recherche d’emploi (1ère partie)

1998 : Attestation de formation en techniques de recherche d’emploi (2ème partie)

1992: Diplôme de Sophro-Relaxologue

1992 : DiplômePsychologie Pathologie à l’université de Paris XIII.

1991 : Certificat de Psychologie Sociale à l’université de Paris XIII.

Expérience professionnelle :

1997-2021  Chef de département gestion stagiaires   au CFAP  OFPPT

2018: International Academy of peace for training & Consulting (IAPTC). Casablanca.

1997 -2018 : Animateur   au sein de l’OFPPT  au profit des entreprises (RAM,COSUMAR,..)

2011 : OCP SKILLS Coaching  des fils d’agents de l’OCP  développement  personnel   OFPPT

2004-2006 : Suivi psychopédagogique  des détenus  au centre pénitentiaire  Oukacha  au sein de la    fondation  Mohammed VI pour la réinsertion des détenus

1997-2007 Conseiller en orientation et sélection     à    l’OFPPT

1995-97   Psychothérapeute   auprès des enfants autistes à l’Association des Parents et Amis des Enfants Inadaptés (APAEI). Casablanca.

1987-1994  Animateur social à la mairie de GENNEVILLIERS .France .

1994-1997 : Psychologue clinicien  au Centre Psychiatrique Universitaire. Casablanca.

1992 : Institut Médico- psychologique clinicien .BEAUVAIS. France.

1987 : conseiller en orientation scolaire . A la SNCF.Villeneuve Saint Georges. France.


Domaine d’intervention et domaines de compétence :

-Psychanalyse- Développement personnel-Soft skills – Psychothérapie -Sophro-relaxation-Management  des ressources humaines.

Langues :

Arabe              : Langue maternelle

Français          : Francophile

Anglais            : Moyen


Conseiller scientifique pour la recherche au sein  de l’association AFAK pour la santé mentale

Conseiller scientifique pour la recherche au sein de l’association ALAZHAR  non aux psychotropes .

Ex Fondateur président de l’Association Marocaine de l’Ecoute et du Développement Personnel

Ex membre de la ligue   casablancaise pour la santé mentale

Ex membre de l’association des amis   du centre psychiatrique universitaire de Casablanca


Ahmed Jasser

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed gasser

Lecturer / Yemen


Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed gasser

Faculty: physical education

Place of birth: Arab Republic of Egypt Email:

Summary: (A brief profile Summary of the faculty member at least 3 lines)

I worked as an instructor at the Faculty of Physical Education (formerly the Higher Institute of physical education and sports) in 1997-1999, then I was nominated to go to the Arab Republic of Egypt in order to complete my graduate studies (Master- PhD) in 2000, I got a master’s degree and a doctorate from Helwan University in the Arab Republic of Egypt, then I returned to Yemen and she also held several administrative positions at the college, most recently the chairman of the academic committee.


Ph. D. in philosophy of physical education major football (Hons) – Helwan University-Cairo-Egypt.

Holds a master’s degree in sports training major football (appreciation is very good with his honor rank) – Helwan University – Cairo-Egypt.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education (Excellent rating), formerly Soviet Union.

Holds a high school diploma.


Advisor to the minister of youth and sports affairs, scientific, 2013.

Professor Doctor, Faculty of physical education, 2011.
Vice dean for Academic Affairs at the Faculty of physical education 2007-2013.

Chairman of the scientific and academic committee at the Faculty of physical education in 2014.

Assistant professor in the Faculty of physical education, 2006. Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of physical education in 2002. Teaching at the Faculty of physical and sports education in 1997-1999. Holds an international computer driving license.
I speak excellent English and Russian.

Conferences and Workshops:

Participated in many international conferences and in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, South Korea – Bulgaria.

Research and scientific papers:

I have published more than twenty papers, the most important of which is:

“Guided discovery in football”.

“The effect of physical exertion until overheating on some physiological variants and rare salts 100m free for juniors”.

Screenshot 2021-10-16 at 15.09.59

Prof. Amal Babiker Mohamed Ibrahim

Lecturer / Sudan
Personal information

·     Name : Amal Babiker Mohamed Ibrahim

Nationality: Sudanese


Contact Information:
  ·      Address:

Sudan University of Science and Technology

UNESCO Chair for Women in Science and Technology

Khartoum / Sudan

·      Mobile No.: +2499122475596

·      E-mail:

·      Web: board amal babiker

  Bachelor Degree: in 1990, First Class, College of Physical Education & Sports, Sudan University of Science & Technology

Higher Diploma Degree: in 1994, First  Class, University of Khartoum

Master Degree: in 1997, University of Khartoum

PhD. Degree: in 2001, University of Khartoum

Teaching Experience:  

–       Professor of sport management in a number of Sudanese and regional universities.

–       Teaching theoretical subjects such as; Strategic planning in sports, Sports ethics, and Quality applications in sports firm.

–       Practical subjects such as; Ladies rhythmic, artistic exercises, rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastics, kinetic expression, swimming.


–       Teaching Master students at the Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Professional Experience:  
  –       Professor, 2015.

–       Associate Professor, 2009.

–       Assistant Professor, 2002.

–       Lecturer, 1994.

–       Teaching Assistant, 1993.

  –       18 PhD degree students.

–       8 Master degree Students.

–       20 Graduation Projects.

Administrative Experience:  
  –       President of UNISCO chair at Sudan University of Science & Technology, 2019

–       Head of the Department of Sports Management, 2007 – 2012.

–       Head of the Department of Training and Teaching Methods, 2004-2006.



– Program Director, Psychological and Physical Rehabilitation, Trauma Care, affected by the war) in cooperation with the National Mine Action Network, as director.

– Program Director, Trauma Care for Landmine Victims, Abrar Psychiatric Rehabilitation Unit.

– A collaborator with the AGFUND Gulf Rehabilitation Program for children affected by wars, head of the rehabilitation program.

– A collaborator with Amal Family Inclusion for Street Children (Sports Program)

– Founding member of the UNESCO Chair at the Sudan University of Science and Technology and representative of Abrar Organisation (Trauma Care War Syndrome).

– Trainer, Sudars Association for Eastern Sudan Women, in cooperation with the Indian JICA and the Administrative Sciences Academy in Port Sudan and North Sudan, Marwa.

– Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee of the International Federation of Al-Ain Football.

– Member of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Sports, Kinetic Expression and Recreation, Virginia

– Member of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Sports, Kinetic Expression and Recreation, Middle East Region.

-Vice-Chairman of the Legislation and Laws Committee of the International Council for Health, Physical Education, Sports, Kinetic Expression and Recreation, Middle East Region and a member of the Women’s Committee

-Member of the International Academy of Sports Technology, Sweden

-Member of the African Society of Physical Education and Sports Sciences

-Member of the Arab Network for Training and Employment in Physical Education and Sports

Director of the Office of the European Journal of Sports Technology in Sudan

– Deputy Editor in Chief of Sports Innovation Magazine, Al-Messila University, and Chairman of the Management Research Reading Committee

– Member of the Reading and Arbitration Committee of the Professional Magazine

– Regional trainer, Distinguished Skills Program, British Cultural Center (Sports and Women Development Program)

Regional trainer in the Distinguished Skills Program at the International Academy, Community Skills

– An international expert in the European Excellence Standard program, recognised by the American University of Denver

– Occupational Safety and Health advisor at the Port Sudan Academy of Administrative Sciences

–  Member of the Arab Coaches Association

– Member of the Association of Arab Sports Pioneers

– Chairman of the Sudanese Consultative Council and a representative of the Arab Regional Center (ANSAM).

– Member of the Arab Scientific Council for Sports Sciences, visiting professor, in a number of Sudanese and Algerian universities

– Evaluator of international standards for the quality of training management in the light of ISO 10015

– Evaluating international standards for the quality of training service providers in the light of ISO 29993, first-degree job competencies

– National lecturer at the Sudanese Swimming Federation, head of the Technical Committee for Ladies Swimming Zone 3, AU

– International lecturer at the International Women’s Sports Federation

– Head of the Africa Sports Bureau and member of the African Union Women’s Development Program Zone 3.

  –       Text Books: 8 text books.

–       Articles: 53 scientific papers.

Certificates & Awards  
  1. First place for the research teams competition (on issues of gender and religious discrimination for women) Sports is a constitutional right for Arab women The Sixth Arab Symposium on Women’s Sport for an Arab Vision for the Activation of Women’s Sports The Republic of Tunisia The Ministry of Youth and Sports and Physical Education in cooperation with the League of Arab States BH / Hammamet 26 – November 27 (2010)

2. The Distinguished Research Award at the Fifth Sports Innovation Conference which was held in the colleges of physical education in Jordanian universities in cooperation with the award of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Sports Innovation The Fifth Innovation Conference held in Jordanian universities 3-4 // 20137 on the psychological and physical rehabilitation of women In areas of displacement and poverty (2012)

3. Muslim Women’s Sport Award for the Department of Research and Studies / Malaysia The second deliberative conference for women’s issues in the work group Carving the slogan (Women’s Sport and Gender Issues) International Working Group Malaysia Kuala Lumpur November

A field study of verbal harassment and gender discrimination of international mathematics

4. Award for Outstanding Scientific Production and Best Professor of the Arab Scientific Academy on the sidelines of the Sixth International Conference on Research on Financial Governance in Professional Sports Clubs April 2017


5. Granting the Arab Women’s Sports Award, the scientific competition for the research teams, November 2014, Algeria, in the practice of electronic violence against women’s sports

Training, Courses and Workshops:  
  –       Medicine course for refinement, Nairobi University, July 2006 Leaders of the International Federation, Nairobi

–       Complementary Sports Medicine Course, team physician – August 2004, leaders of the AFC Mediator, UAE

–       Complementary Sports Medicine Course team physician – November 2006 AFC Leadership, Symbiosis Vishay Bevan, Pune, India

–       Arab Women’s Leadership Course in the Second Administration, Cairo, December 2004, Faculty of Physical Education, Alexandria Girls, and the Arab Women’s Sports Association, League of Arab States, Leaders of the League of Arab States.

–       The Arab Women Leadership Course in the second administration, Cairo, December 2004, the Faculty of Physical Education in Alexandria Girls and the Sports Association of Arab Women at the League of Arab States Leaders of the League of Arab States

–       Olympic Solidarity Course for Training Female Gymnastics 5/7/1994 Sudanese Olympic Academy Olympic National Olympic Committee

–       Advanced Course for Swimming and Water Polo Arbitration 24/24/1994 / Sudanese Swimming Federation, Advancing the National Olympic Committee.

–       Introductory Course for Swimming Arbitration 08/24/1992 / Sudanese Swimming Federation, Preliminary National Olympic Committee.

–       Training of Trainers workshop for trauma treatment, October 2004, the United Nations Development Program.




Mohammed Haman

Lecturer / Morocco

country / Morocco kingdom

Certifications and skills:

Academic Study / Baccalaureate Experimental Sciences 1985
Professional license from the European School of Technology and Science.
Technical Study / Technical Diploma in Textiles
1987 National Leather and Textile Institute of Fez
Technical Diploma in Management from Sulzer School, Winterthur, Switzerland, 1999
Diploma in Management and Administration from the Citizenship University. 2004
2009 Recipient of the Dubai Sports Creativity Award, the first session, and the Order of Merit
* Certificate of an international lecturer from the Scientific Academy of Experimental Sciences 2016
Honorary Doctorate from the British Academy of Sciences and Research in London, 2017.
Honorary Doctor of the International Peace Academy.
* Received the Gold Medal and Certificate of Merit from the British Academy for Scientific Research in London 2017
(The first Arab to be granted this certificate in 24 years)
* Received a gold medal and a certificate of appreciation from Legisporn organization from Marseille, France 2018
* Golden Merit Shield from the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports 2018.
Honored by Mohamed Boudiaf University in Algeria
Honored by Hassan II University in Morocco
Honored in Malaysia. (Best Presentation Award at the Scientific Sports Conference)
Honored in Italy (from the Deanship of Carmaniola)
Honored by France (International Conference on Peace and Sport in Monaco)
Trainer and component for trainees who are supervising graduation from major institutes of education
Hassan II University of Casablanca
University of Higher Education in Taza
University of Higher Education in Martell City
Faculty of Medicine of the University of Perugia, Italy.
Trained and framed in several countries, including
India, Algeria, Senegal, Belgium, Italy, Iraq, India, Tunisia, France, Jordan and Morocco, of course.
Supervision, together with professors at the Faculty of Medicine in Perugia, Italy, on two PhD researches 2011 and 2017
Supervising a mathematical research for a professor in the city of Liege (Belgium) for Neil Al-Bachelir (professional license).
Participation in several conferences and seminars at the invitation of the organizers
The Fourth and Sixth World Conference on Peace and Sports in Monaco
The World Conference on Peace and Sports in its sixth session in Russia
The Eighteenth Conference of the Colleges of Physical Education in Iraq in Mosul (lecture)
Fourth Scientific Conference on Sports Media in Algeria (lecture)
International Conference on Science and Sports in Malaysia
India (guest of honor) in the sports conference (lecture)
Dubai International Symposium (On Sports Innovations) Main Guest (Lecture)
London International Conference on Human Development (Best Sports Achievement Award for Serving Human Development)
Sports Science Conference in Jordan/Amman
Sports Excellence Conference in Kuwait
Physical Education Conference in Tunisia
Human Development Conference at Istanbul Shahir University, Turkey.
Mediterranean Sports Forum in France (Morocco’s representative)
International sports fair in Belgium.
Volunteer lecturer in various national and international colleges (sports in general and Aainball in particular)
currently /
President of the International Federation of Aainball.
President of the Moroccan Federation of Sports Associations Aainball.
President of the Moroccan Association of Aainball.
The former director of Solision Casey Co. is an organiser of several sporting and cultural events.
Representative of the Red Sea Center for Educational Consultations (Istanbul) in Morocco.

Fadi Mohamad Al Kibbe

Fadi Mohamad Al Kibbe

Lecturer / Lebanon

Fadi Mohamad Al Kibbe

Ph.D. in Sports Management


Name:                                      Fadi Mohamad Al Kibbe

Place and date of birth:         Beirut, on June, 10th 1972

Mobile number:                     +961 70 45 24 24

Marital status:                        Married



Work Experience:

2005- Till Present: International Wrestling Referee.

2011 Till Present: International Certified Lecturer for Sports Federations, Clubs, Associations and Special Olympics Lebanon.

2017 Till Present: Colonel in the Lebanese State Security Directorate (Head of the Institutional Department and the Sports Department.

  • Till Present: President of the Sports Management Committee of the Arab Union for Physical Culture.

2017 Till Present: Strategic Planning Consultant for several Lebanese Sports Clubs.

2018 Till Present: Lecturer in The Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS). Supervisor of MS thesis’ Sports Management Major.

  • Till Present: Lecturer in The University of Sciences and Arts in Lebanon (USAL).

2021 Till Present: President of the Lebanese Association for Physical Culture

2020 –2021: President of Lebanese Wrestling Federation.

  2018-2020: Vice President of the Lebanese Federation of Physical Culture.

2014-2016: Lecturer in The Military School – Sports Management.

2002-2012: Lecturer in The Lebanese Army Institute – Physical Education.


University Degrees:

  1. D. in Sports Management – Faculty of Sports Education – Halwan University – Egypt – September 2019.
  2. Master Degree in Sports Management – Lebanese University – Faculty of Education – 2011/2013.
  3. Nutrition Specialist Diploma – The Institute of Islah and Irshad – Beirut – 2010.
  4. Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the IFA International Fitness Association – The United States of America – Orlando University – 2010.
  5. Bachelor Degree in Physical and Sports Education – Lebanese University – Faculty of Education – 2002.
  6. Bachelor Degree in Military Sciences – Military Academy – 1996




Arabic: Mother tongue / English: Good / French: Good


Leadership, teamwork, ability to work under pressure, time management, problem solving and positive impact on people, human resources management.

Technical skills:

Microsoft Office


Fighting sports – Basketball – Table Tennis – Travel – Exploring new developments and innovation in sports management.

Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 12.26.33

Dr. Mohammed Abd Aladim

Lecturer / UAE

Professor of Sports Administration, Department of Sports Administration – Faculty of Physical Education – Assiut University.

Sports strategic planning advisor and institutional excellence in Sharjah Sports Council – UAE.

Expert in preparing organisational structures and organisational guide for sports institutions and clubs.

Academic Director of the Professional Diploma Program in Sports Management and Diploma in Sports Media at the University of Sharjah.

Academic Director of the Sports Leadership Empowerment Program and the Future Coach Program at the Sharjah Sports Council.

Academic Director of the Future Sports Pioneers Diploma Program Sports Leadership at the Sharjah Women’s Sports Foundation.

Researcher and consultant in the preparation of sports studies and research.

Preparing many specialised researches in sports management and published in international scientific conferences and journals.

Member of the Board of Trustees and member of the Technical Committee of the Sharjah Family Sports Award.

Former member of the Strategic Planning Committee of the Dubai Sports Council.

Member of the Legal Committee of Sharjah Sports Council.

Certified external consultant and assessor for Quality Management System 9001-2015.

Lecturer and certified trainer in various fields of sports management at the University of Sharjah and various training centers.

Resident in many sports awards and excellence programs.

Founder and Member of the Higher Committee and Director of the Excellence Program for Sharjah Clubs.

Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 12.12.06


Lecturer / Lebanon


Highly motivated assistant manager with exceptional multi-tasking and organisational skills. Having extensive experience in planning sports events.

Assistant Manager

General Secretary in
Lebanese Physical Culture Federation

Phone: +961 71 036 538

Email address:

Address: Beirut – Ein Remeneh

Nationality: Lebanese / French

Languages Skills: Arabic: Mother language French: Very Good level English: Very Good level


Team working, Ability to work under pressure, Time Management, Organised, Solve problems.

Technical Skills:

Microsoft Office,
Dolphin (sales, purchasing, stock and accounting).
SPSS (statistics software).
Adapt quickly to new programs. Web Tools


Basketball, Tennis, Photography, Traveling, Social Media.

Work Experience

2020 till Present:

President of Media Committee in Arab Physical Culture Federation General Secretary of Sports Management Committee in L.P.C.F
2018 till Present:
President of Beirut Committee in Lebanese Physical Culture Federation 2015 till Present:

Metacs SAL (Beirut – Lebanon)

Assistant Manager

-Handling all operational tasks, overseeing and managing employees, dealing with suppliers , customers and forwarders.
2012 to 2014
Paradise School (Beirut – Lebanon)

Assistant Manager & English Class Room Teacher

-Supporting the principal by performing daily tasks throughout the school. – Organising Sports Activities all over the year.
Summer 2012
Monarch Learning & Development Center (Dubai – UAE)

Arabic & French Teacher (foreigners – beginner level) Sessions’ organisation – lessons’ plan – Conversation and practical courses.

2004 – 2006

VBT (World Wild Bicycle Travel – Dijon – France)

Managing & organising products

Part of the operations & technical department

2003 – 2004
ADVENTURE WAY (Paris – France) Training in administration department

Market study

1999 – 2002

Maanieh School + Bayader School (Beyrouth – Lebanon)

PE Teacher (primary, elementary and secondary classes.



Master in Sports Management – Lebanese University Lebanon – Lebanon


Master in Management of tourism and culture – University of Burgundy – France


License in Management of Sport (BS) – University of Marne-La-Vallée – France


License in Physical Education (BS) – Lebanese University Lebanon – Lebanon


Lebanese Baccalaureat (high school) – Makassed High School – Lebanon