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     Register of Learning Providers


                                                                         UKPRN Number: 10088618

.                                                                                                                               Reference Number: ZB046135

               Perugia  University

The Perugia Foreigners’ University is a the oldest and most prestigious Italian institution specialised in teaching, research and promotion of Italian language and culture in all its expressions.Founded in the early 1920s, right from the start it symbolised openness, tolerance and a meeting of cultures and peoples, developing into what has become a genuine laboratory of intercultural training today. Its exclusive identity is thanks to a specialised vocation in teaching Italian to foreigners, along with all its expressions, such as art, literature, the economic and industrial system. The university’s mission is to contribute to the promotion of Italian language and culture worldwide and to knowledge about diversity. Since the 1990s it has also been offering university and post-graduate courses to Italian and international students.


Harvard is at the frontier of academic and intellectual discovery. Those who venture here—to learn, research, teach, work, and grow—join nearly four centuries of students and scholars in the pursuit of truth, knowledge, and a better world.

                                                                    Ncfe Awar

NCFE can trace their record of working with colleges and other training providers back to our founding organisation, the Northern Union

of Mechanics’ Institutes (NUMI), established in 1848.

NCFE’s earliest incarnation held lofty ambitions. Its first report declared its intention to “become a centre from whence the elements of knowledge and civilisation shall go on with an unceasing progress, conferring intellectual, scientific and moral blessings throughout the length and breadth of the Northern Counties.”

From 1920, the Northern Counties Technical Examinations Council (NCTEC or ‘Northern Counties’ as it became affectionately known) supplanted NUMI and, supported by nine Northern Local Education Authorities, provided examinations for technical colleges, schools and

other centres for over sixty years until 1981.

Northern Advisory Council for Further Education (NACFE)

In 1981, the Northern Advisory Council for Further Education (NACFE), which was established in 1947 to co-ordinate further education provision throughout the nine LEAs, merged with the NCTEC to become the Northern Council for Further Education.

When the further education sector was incorporated (made independent of the government) in the early 1990s the company felt the old name was incompatible with our new national focus and has since then been identified simply as NCFE with the letters no longer being an acronym.

NCFE today is a national awarding organisation, offering over 500 qualifications at different levels and in a wide range of subject areas. NCFE recognise the skills, knowledge and understanding achieved by a learner at a particular level and in a particular subject.